Thank you #TeamSam​

Sam Hayes and Aaron Gilmore win Dancing with the Stars for NZRDA


Congratulations Sam and Aaron for bringing home the Dancing with the Stars NZ trophy for every RDA rider, volunteer and therapy horse in New Zealand.

After ten amazing weeks of samba and salsa, tango and twerking, charleston and cha-cha, the journey has come to an end with the public deciding the outcome of the Grand Final.

“Aaron and I are absolutely ecstatic to have won the glitterball trophy for NZ Riding for the Disabled,” says winner Sam Hayes. “I went into this always planning to give it my best shot but never imagined for a moment we would win.  And, especially when I think about the level of commitment and skill that the other finalists showed tonight, their performances were flawless. What a night!”

The four final dance pairs (Chris Harris and Vanessa Cole, Jess Quinn and Jonny Williams, Sam Hayes and Aaron Gilmore, and Shavaughn Ruakere and Enrique Johns all performed spectacular show dances in the Grand Final, as well as their favourite dance of the season. They were placed accordingly:

First - Sam Hayes and Aaron Gilmore

Second - Chris Harris and Vanessa Cole

Third - Jess Quinn and Jonny Williams

Fourth - Shavaughn Ruakere and Enrique Johns

“The audience reaction to the return of  Dancing With The Stars this year has been even bigger than we expected, and that is in part due to the dedication from each and every contestant to their performance and their charities,” says MediaWorks Chief Content Officer Andrew Szusterman. “But in the end there can be only one winner. Congratulations Sam and Aaron.”

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