Some parents/caregivers/schools are unable to pay the fees for a term for a lot of reasons.  We never want to have to stop one of our riders from riding because no one can pay for their fees.

We are asking the public, businesses, clubs if they are able to help by sponsoring a rider for 1 term or all 4 terms.

It is very rewarding to watch your rider's progressing, reaching their goals and then working towards achieving their next set of goals.

What do you get in return???  You get the knowledge that you are helping someone to do something they thought was impossible. 

You will get a report at the end of each term letting you know what the riders goals were and how far they got to achieving these goals.

Some people want to remain anonymous, which is fine, and so the riders parents/caregivers will not be aware of who you are.  Usually they write a thank you note at the end of each term to let you know that it is very much appreciated.

If you would like to,  you can come and meet your rider, watch them at their session and meet mum/dad/caregiver.

At the end of each term we have a morning tea to thank anyone who has contributed in any way to helping a rider achieve their goals.

If you would like more information please ring 09 438 7521 or email for details (no names or addresses) of riders who need sponsoring.

It is very worthwhile to know that in this small way you are helping someone less fortunate than yourself and put a smile on their faces.

Would you like to
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